Gopro Helmetcam – Best Helmet Cams

The Best Helmet cam to make videos of your riding is the Gopro Helmetcam.

There are a few models, but the features on the new one are here!

When out on your bike its always good to take photos to show friends and family but even better to have videos of you going round a track.

GoPro HERO7 Black

The Gopro Hero 7 is by far the best GoPro camera yet – not just for using on your Mx bike.

The GoPro cameras are able to be mounted on your helmet, handle bars or anywhere on your bike which allows you to get a Gopro helmetcam side mountunique angle on a video or a shot.

White, Silver or Black?

The white GoPro is like a beginner camera where the silver is an intermediate and the Black being the pro with all the features.

The White is the cheapest option has 1080 video and is waterproof – that’s about it.

The Silver has 4K video as well as WDR photos and is also waterproof.

The black is the best you can get, if your going to buy the GoPro camera go all out and get this one.

Hyper Smooth

The Hero 7 has been built to increase the cameras’ stability when filming, all built into the camera.

There is no need for a gimbals to capture you footage. You are just able to hold it in your hand if needed.

Super Photo Funtion

There is a super Photo function within the hero 7 settings, which will save time on editing the photos after you capture them.Hyper smooth gopro helmetcam Top Mount

The Go Pro hero 7 calculates the best white balance, ISO levels, color and sharpness to creates a HDR photo.

Water Proof

The hero 7 is waterproof to a depth of 10metres without a casing, which makes the footage clearer through the lens. This is in normal water – if you use the hero 7 in salt water you will be advised to use a super suit.

Vertical Shooting

To get the Gopro Helmetcam hero 7 into vertical mode is simple, the software within the hero 7 allows the LED screen to be flipped to portrait mode in the interface.

When capturing a vertical image the hero 7 automatically changes the image when putting on your computer so saves time having to rotate images one by one.


In the past the sound quality of the Gopro Helmetcam  hasn’t been all that good – The hero 7 has increased audio option and can be used without an addition of a microphone.

Battery Life

Shooting in time-lapse mode requires over 2.5 hours, so the battery will need to be fully charged. Shooting time lapses on 1080p for around 2 hours will leave you with around 40% battery life left which is pretty good when you consider the size of the battery.


The New Go Pro Hero 7 is the best go pro yet and if you purchase the black edition there won’t be much out there to beat it. I have used my Hero 7 a number of time on the bike and with the environments its been through you would expect it to be in pieces or become faulty – But No! It lives to ride another day.

gopro helmetcam - Go Pro Hero 7
Black Edition

The best place to buy is – Amazon – CLICK HERE!

GoPro HERO7 Black with SanDisk 32G Memory Card Waterproof Digital Action Camera with Touch Screen 4K HD Video 12MP Photos Live Streaming Stabilisation

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