The importance of Safety on a Motocross Bike

The main tool (or toy) for motocross is the bike itself. The importance of safety on a motocross bike is critical!

When I first got a bike I didn’t think about protecting myself, it was just my new toy and I wanted to just go.

Through my mistakes and injury I learnt that the next MOST important tools is the MX riding gear.

The importance of safety in such a dangerous sport is critical. Injury happen all the time and it is down to the MX riding gear your are wearing that will protect your to be able to get back on the bike.

Helmets – You need your Brain so protect it.

With riding motocross I would say one of the main points of impact is your head. With any motorbike it is important to wear a helmet and with motocross it is important that it fits and fastens correct.

importance of a helmet

Your helmet will need to be a comfortable fit because being on a track your will get hot, and when heading up the jumps your will want to make sure the helmet is strapped on secure as not to wobble around.

Some helmets will come with intake ports to channel cool air in and around the riders head.

Wearing a helmet will also reduce the noise of the track, when racing round a track with 20 other bikes the noise can be quite load.

Boots – Legs are needed to walk!

Another  importance of Safety on a Motocross Bike must with MX Gear is the BOOTS. You will need a tough and secure pair importance of safety Motocross boots

of boots to support your ankles whiles on the track, When going round your legs will be used to keep your balance and hang out the side of your bike. The proper MX Gear boots will be able to support your lower legs through and rough tumbles which may occur.

A genuine pair of leather boots with easy action buckles would be the best to wear on a track.

Body Armor – Protect your insides

The next important MX Riding gear would be a good body armor. There are many types of armor on the market which protect your wrists, elbows, shoulders and back. They are tough and not comfortable to wear but will save your in a fall.

If your was to come off and go over the handle bars the bike will be following your and most likely to land on top of your, some small components of a bike such as the foot pegs, brake lever, gear lever could easily puncture the skin. A good body armor will save your from and injury in the vital places.

Knee Pads

Knee pads are worn under your trousers with a full hard shell knee protection, I Knee Pads protect your knees

find that when your wear knee pads that your can’t tell they are on a lot of the time, they are comfortable and have great fit.

Googles – Your gonna need your eyes

Googles are a major pry of the MX riding gear due to whatever the weather conditions there will be parts of the track flying up in your face. When there are a few people on the track and your are stuck behind a rider the mud that a MX bike kicks up, your are going to need googles.

As your get into MX your will find that your will need different googles for different conditions, some googles come with inter changeable lenses.

Different weather conditions will require UV protection or a brighter lenses on days with low light, your can also get a spray to repel the water on rainy days.

Most good MX riding Gear googles will come with the function to be able to attach a disposable plastic film over the front – Called tear offs.

Keep your eyes safe with goggles

Tear off are a perfect way of clearing your googles wiles riding, your can add 1-10 depending on how many your need to the googles and tear them off when the mud sticks to them.

Neck Protection

Your neck is a vital part of your body, it is where your spine ends up.

Neck braces and Neck collars can save your from whip lash, They are not the most comfortable pieces of MX Riding Gear but will be a good idea in the event of an accident.

I would say it all depends on how adventures your are going to be, when your are up in the air 10ft and don’t land how your expected your may wish your invested neck protection.


Your hand’s will take a hammering weather your are holding the throttle back or feathering the clutch at the corners.

Wearing gloves which are comfortable for MX will be an advantage whiles holding on to the Handel bars tight, your hand’s will get hot and the fiction between the rubber grips will give your blisters over time.

MX Riding Gear

The final accessories to your mx riding gear would be the gear your wear over the top of all the protection, Lets admit it your want to look good 10ft in the air for the photos.

All MX Riding gear is designed to move the way your move, the top is lightweight and flexible to fit over the armor.

The trousers are a bit tougher with padding on the knees and on the rear for better protection.

The importance of MX Riding Gear

The importance of Safety on a Motocross Bike When riding, you don’t think about falling off, if your careful and take your time to lean how to ride safely then your will never need protection for an accident? But…….

What if your become good and confident to hit the jump at full speed?

What if the person next to your falls off and take your with them?

What if the bike develops a fault and your fall off?

These are just some example from my own experience that the importance of proper MX riding gear should be worn when riding. Its not just your who will take time to repair – your may need to be able to use your hands to repair the bike.


Any Questions or Comments welcome – Please leave below.


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