What MX bike? – Every bike is Different


Choosing a motocross bike can be a tough choice because of the amount of factors you will have to consider to What MX bike? Every bike is diffrent.

As you are here reading this, you have no doubt been googling pictures of certain makes and modals of bikes to find out which one you are going to buy.

What bike?

The Difference Between  OLD or New

There are advantages of buying a second hand bike.

There are a lot of bikes on the market which have been used to their full potential and it shows with the tired look of the bike.

Unless you are prepared to spend time and money on a motocross bike, buying a used bike from a private seller can be a bit of a trap.

I have come across sellers advertising a bike as 2010 model when if you know a little about bikes you can tell that it was a 2004.

You can normally tell if the bike has been looked after due to the description of the bike.

If someone is selling a bike stating ” great runner, starts first kick. Has 3 hours use since top end rebuild and comes with v force reeds and upgraded Pro circuit T6 twin exhaust”

To someone says ” For sale, runs, blue with good tires”

The description of the first bike gives you an idea that the owner has looked after the bike and will be able to tell you a little history of the bike.

What Engine? 2 stroke or 4 stroke

I do believe that mx riders will have a mixture of opinion of 2 stroke to 4 stroke engines – I’m going to give you my opinion.

The 2 stroke engine it very easy to work one and there a lot less that can go wrong.

When riding a 2 stroke you are able to keep the bike at high revs to make use of the engines power and control when hitting the power band easily.

On a 2 stroke the bikes tend to be lighter due to the engines being smaller.

A 4 stroke bike a more torque and will have the advantage of engine breaking, you will be letting off the throttle on a track but the power will be instantly there as soon as you pull the throttle.

Its down to the rider to which engine you prefer and how you control the bike, for beginners I would go for a 2 stroke being easier to control and for a more experienced rider the 4 stroke will be have the power to challenge yourself on a track.

Diffrent Engine Sizes

The size of an engine on a motocross bike can range from 50cc to 1000cc.

Depending on your age and size you will need to choose a bike to suit yourself.

Whichever bike you decide to ride it will be down to the rider who controls the speed and skill of riding.

I would advise that you are able to touch the floor on the bike and depending on your build you will need to be able to kick the bike to start it, for it the engine stalls for any reason.

Smaller 2 stroke engines are easier to start with a simple kick if the engine it in good condition, but with a 4 stroke tour going to have a strong leg to be able to give it a good kick from TDC (top dead Centre) to get it to run.

Personalize your bike

When having a mx bike there are lots of extras you can add or upgrade, some may not be to your taste.

A new bike will come will all the standard stock parts and after riding the bike there will be a few adjustments you may want to do – to name a few –

Handlebars – Move forward or back depending on your reach

Suspension – you want it to be hard to be able to absorb the landing depending on weight

Gear leaver – I always find I have to adjust the leaver on a new bike for my big feet

Electric Start

You may find it easier to have a bike with an electric start, this will make it very easy to get back on and get the bike run.

If you sit in the middle of a track trying to kick the bike over there will be someone who can’t stop quick enough and may crash into you.

Motocross bikes are advanced pieces of kits these days and whether you ride KTM, Husqvarna, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Honda or anything else, they will start to include electronics and traction control packages.

There it also an option for an electric-powered E-bikes which will carry extra weight so be careful.

Another thing to keep in mind will be how you are going to transport your bike to and from the MX tracks to practice, you will need a van or a trailer, it is quite easy to pick one up from eBay to keep costs down in the beginning.

every bike is diffrent

Any Questions or Comments welcome – Please leave below.

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