Where to Buy A Motocross Bike

Here I will go through the pros and cons of where, when and what to look out for when buying a motocross bike. There are things you can check before going to view the bike and things to get in writing when buying new.

Buying a new bike from a dealer

New Bike
KMX 150

Here I will talk about the KTM150 SX 2019 model. This 2 stroke bike has light handling of a 125cc and is able to put many 4 stroke 250cc bike to shame. The new 2019 model has a completely new chassis combined with a compact strong engine.

Starting at around £6900 dependinng on weather you opt in for any upgrades, A new bike will come with warranty of certain engine parts and will need to be worn in for a period detailed in the manufactures manual.

Buying a used bike from dealer

From a dealer you have the assurance that the bike is not stolen (as it is common with dirt bikes) and a warranty with certain parts.

Here I will talk about the Yamaha PW50 which is for children getting into motocross. The PW50 has a 2 stroke engine with an adjustable throttle which allows parents to limit the top speed to suit the riders skills whiles learning. The PW50 also has a fully automatic gearbox and is a simple twist and go. You can pick one up for around £1500 for a 12month old bike.

Buying a used bike from eBay

eBay can be a good place to buy. There are plenty of different makes and models on there and some which are on an auction can be sold for a good price. Do your research on the bike before you make an offer or buy. There are sellers on eBay who have either stolen the bike or picked it up from a friend and they don’t know a lot about it.

You are able to check the chassis number to see if its registered stolen here – IS IT NICKED

Ask a lot of questions on the bike and the history of it, the seller should be happy to help and enjoy boasting what the bike is like if they are genuine.

The last thing you want is to win an auction online, then when you go to collect you are disappointed in the truth about the bike (I speak from experience).

You may be able to grab a bargain, I once won a Honda CRF 250 for £500 with a running fault, I had it to pieces and cleaned all the carb out, check valve clearances to find nothing wrong. The only thing I did really was change the fuel! it ran spot on.Honda CRF 250

Apart from a wiring fault it developed over time when it lost its spark, that was an easy fix. I was lucky that time because it was a 4 stroke engine and the could have been a lot of things wrong. The lesson there is always run your bike on clean fuel, if its been sitting for a while, empty it out and give it some fresh petrol.

Buying a bike from Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is much the same as eBay, you don’t bid in an auction but you an always barter the price. Again you have to be careful of scammers who are out to con people unfortunately. There are still plenty of genuine sellers on there who are looking to sell there bike and are able to tell you all about it.

I find on Facebook there are lots of people who have a bike and are looking to get a bigger bike and upgrade. It’s a known fact that you get a better price with a private sale then trading it in.

If you are looking to buy a bike the best ting to do would be to join the MX track groups, you can see where the tracks are and there opening times and also find that some sellers are on there with a genuine bike that has been looked after.

Talk to people at the Tracks

Another good idea would be to go to a track and talk to the riders in the pit, When go the practice days I often speak to people just coming to check it out and watch the riders. There is sometimes a notice board with bikes for sale if not a few there you could take a look at.

If you have any questions or would like to leave a comment which I would love to talk MX with anyone then please do down below.

Thank you


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